Raise Your Standard! Pt 1

Hey Nuellalovers,

Happy new month🥂. I wasn’t able to blog last week because I had my exams. It was successful and NUELLA IS BACK WITH HER PEN!!

Following the theme of this year which is Self-love, we have to look into raising our standards at least to a “likkle” extent. Raising your standard is the key to Goal achievement.

What is Standard?

Standard is the type of value or worth added to something to make it either distinct or worthless.

One crucial thing you need to understand is the fact that you have to recognize your present personal standards to be able to raise it. Your personal standards are reflected in the way you treat people and how you treat yourself. Also, how you expect to be treated by others.

The type of Standard you give to yourself is what you will be accorded with. No matter how old you are, even in friendships and relationships.

When you have a low standard, you will fall prey of other’s influence because you can not stand for yourself.

7 Tips on how to raise your standard:

  • Don’t be everywhere: No boo, Don’t!! It’s okay for people to misunderstand you and call you proud. They will get used to it sooner. Stay on your lane. At times, you need that personal space to think, you don’t always have to be around people. Let them miss you, let them seek your attention. Don’t sell yourself out cheap, you’re expensive and your time shouldn’t be wasted!
  • Mind your business: You don’t have to interfere in every conversation. It’s okay to just smile and walk away, it saves you from stress and trouble. You don’t have to give your opinion on every matter. Mend your ways, let the change start with you from now.
  • Respect yourself: As the popular saying; “respect is reciprocal”. If you accord yourself with respect, people will definitely respect you and vice versa. Let people know their boundaries with you. Be principled, at least to a little extent.
  • Be unapologetically you: Don’t be sorry to walk away from underserved friendships/relationships. People will always talk no matter how perfect you are. Friendship is good but you should always come first. Your happiness should be prioritized. If any relationship is detrimental to your happiness, then be free to walk away unapologetically. You will attract your kind of person.
  • Don’t be afraid to start all over: Starting from the scratch doesn’t make you less. In as much as you’re certain that you’re doing the right thing, then you’re fine. Lay your foundation and make it strong. Be that ” Goal-getter” who doesn’t do less, fight for the best. Be unique! Rare is a gem!!
  • Have good manners: Be a well-trained person. Don’t be rude, be respectful, be worthy of emulation, be a leader, don’t discriminate. When people see those right attitudes in you, you won’t need to enforce how you should be treated.
  • Have an inspiring mentor: look up to someone whose standards are high. Someone who has a clear sight of where they want to be in future. Follow some of their footsteps, ask them for advice. Read books about them or how they’ve become a role model to many. Anticipate a better person in you. Struggle to be a better person, the end result is always great.

What have you learnt today?

Will you walk away from every underserved relationship?

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